A shout out to the State of Nevada today.

Bloomberg Business Week reporting:

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — A state judge on Thursday ordered the Nevada Division of Insurance to release some documents sought by two media groups involving the backgrounds of workers who help people navigate the state health insurance exchange.

Ruling from the bench after a two-hour hearing, District Judge James Wilson also ordered the state to pay costs and attorney fees, saying the division’s delays in complying with the public records law amounted to stonewalling.

The records were sought by conservative magazine National Review, which sued after months of being denied by the agency. The Las Vegas Review-Journal joined the lawsuit. The media groups wanted to determine if anyone with a criminal history had access to people’s personal information.

The Silver State, unlike its Congressional delegation, seems to be more concerned over the people of Nevada, than the Federal government’s and Democratic Party’s political agenda.

Kudos to Judge Wilson. I’m sure he’s made Harry Reid squirm a bit.