A good friend has a great blog titled “Vox Clamantis in Deserto”…”The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness”, from the Book of Isaiah.

It is a great blog, you should check it out.

That phrase, from the first moment that I saw it, brought to mind the writings of Rafael Contreras.

I’ve never met Rafael, I don’t even know if that is his real name, and when you take into consideration his living conditions, you would expect “Rafael Contreras” to be a nome de plume, an attempt to stay safe in hostile conditions.

Rafael Contreras lives in Cuba, a dissident, and a harsh critic of the Castro government whose stories are telephoned in to contacts in Miami for publication.

I found his writings archived by the Cuba Free Press Project, and took it upon myself to translate his works into English.

The telephone calls ended abruptly…at around the same time that the Castro government locked up the Island’s dissidents in protest over the actions of the US envoy to the island nation, and the the Cuba Free Project has posted nothing from Rafael Contreras since.

I am concerned about this man, this brave man crying out in the wilderness, and I present to you his voice.

A Voice Without fear in a Silent Herd

Another Old Man and the Sea

In the Line of Fire

More Than a Dream

Seaweed From Far Away

The Forbidden Fog

When We Awoke, the Dinosaur was Still There. The World’s Shortest Tale


4 Responses to “Rafael Contreras”

  1. Tattoo Says:

    people!! Brilliant site!

  2. […] can find my translations of his work here, the ones I considered to be the best of the works I […]

  3. […] can find my translations of his work here, the ones I considered to be the best of the works I […]

  4. […] told him all I knew about Rafael Contreras, trapped in a world where thought was free, but had no voice. I told him about the seaweed from far […]

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