OK…it’s been almost a month.

It’s time.

This is my post-election rant.

People who do not know me well will undoubtedly point out that it has in fact been a month since election night, and suggest that I should…well, let it go.

People who do know me, know that I don’t “let things go” easily. Hell, I’m still pissed off at Jackie Smith for God’s sake.


Pro Football Hall of Fame my ass.


A REAL Hall of Fame receiver would have caught that damned pass.

But I digress.

I’ve read nearly every article written (by people worth reading) on the election.

I read the rants and I read the inside stuff, and I read the apocalyptic posts.

I read everything, but I couldn’t write anything. Or rather, every time I began to put my thoughts on the election down, the outcome looked something like this:

“You crazy $*&^%%$#, dumb ##)&^% jackasses! You just #*&^%#$# the whole a#@*^%#@# thing. What the #&^$=(&^ where you $##%** thinking?


Did I just #%#* insult you by $#(#%$ suggesting you @#*#&^%^ actually gave this whole #*&^%$# election thing some #*%#$% thought?”

Given the intellectual level that I normally maintain in this blog, those posts where never published.

I am a far bigger person than that.

I like to make sense out of things, to talk things out like civilized people, and look for common ground where none may be readily apparent.

So I decided to talk to some people who do not share my political ideology.

Holy cow, we are in trouble.

It’s not that the people I spoke to lacked a brain, it’s just that shared among so may, one brain falls way short of being efficient at anything, let alone critical thinking.

Take for example my co-worker. I’ll call him Jerry primarily because that’s his real name. Screw anonymity, and Jerry, if you’re reading this get over it…just like you want me to get over the whole “election thing”.

I asked Jerry why he voted for Obama.

(I know…some people claim that I have a rather strong affinity for masochism.)

Jerry’s response was typical, and he spouted every single talking point promoted by MSNBC, falling short of suggesting that it was his own grandmother on the wheelchair being pushed over the cliff by Satan incarnate himself, Paul Ryan. The only reason he didn’t do that was because I know his grandmother, and she’s not on a wheelchair.

She’s in one or another of the Boca West Country Club’s restaurants three nights a week.

I drilled down on his talking points, and began systematically knocking them down one by one.

Jerry’s eyes were glazing over.

“You know,” he said. “I’m just not into politics like you. I’m a Democrat, so I voted for the Democrat.”

OK…now we were getting somewhere.

“My grandfather was a Democrat, and so was my grandmother, and both my parents, so I’m a Democrat, and I vote Democrat.”

“I get that Jerry, I do.” I replied. “But you didn’t vote for a Democrat, you voted for a Communist. Can’t you see that?”

Jerry was actually offended.

“That’s Republican nonsense,” he was getting upset now. “The man is no Communist, and you have no reason to attack him like that. You Republicans are all the same.”

“Jerry, his grandparents were Communists, his parents were Communists, every person that’s had any measure of influence in his life is or was a Communist, INCLUDING his minister, so just like you naturally became a Democrat, he naturally became a Communist…get it?”

Jerry and I don’t talk much any more. We sort of wave as our cars pass each other in the parking lot on those days when I go to the office, his “Obama 2012” bumper sticker still on display.

That was a worthless encounter if there was ever one such thing.

As an afterthought, and just in case any business owner faced with staff reduction decisions due to the impending cost increases associated with the implementation Obamacare is actually reading this, I suggest that the lay offs should begin in the parking lot.

Obama 2012 on the bumper, pink slip on the windshield.

Sadly, the conversation with Jerry was not atypical.

For some it was a racial identity thing, for others it was because they hated Bush. Some actually tried to engage me in how that whole “evil top 1%” (Jerry’s grandmother came to mind there) should be brought to their knees, and yet every time that I agreed with them, and suggested that they should begin with the guy who owns the company we work for, they all looked at me like I was crazy.

Some people (obviously living in that alternate universe where Bizarro lives) thought things were getting better.

Most of them however, kept coming one to the one unifying theme…everyone wanted something for nothing.

People love Obama because they can get shit for free.


How in the world did we manage to go from “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” to Sandra Fluke in just two and a half decades for God’s sake?

What in the HELL is wrong with us?

For the record, purchased in bulk, that $3,000 Ms. Fluke complained about spending in contraceptives during her years at Georgetown Law, translates into 15,000 lubricated condoms.

How do they find time to study?

Do they duct tape the textbooks to the dorms ceilings in Georgetown?


What is wrong?

I’ve kept asking myself that question over and over and over again these past few weeks.

How could the people of this country choose Communism freely?

And they did…they don’t know it, but they did.

Check this out:

“Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have won in America—America continues to repeat the Soviet mistake.

Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them.”

That’s not FOX News, or World Net Daily, or even Lew Rockwell, calling us an “illiterate society” and Obama a liar.

That’s Pravda.


How did we get here for God’s sake?

This country brought the world out of darkness, driving human growth faster and farther than any other civilization before.

We cooked with fire and rode horseback in 1776, and less than 200 years later we walked on the Moon.

Eons of servitude to the elements and fear of common diseases, and four hundred thousand years from that first spark of fire in a cave to “We the People.”

One hundred and ninety-three years from Philadelphia to the Sea of Tranquility.

We built this, and now we are about to systematically destroy it, all in the name of getting shit for free.

The American Dream, once defined as an opportunity, is now an entitlement, and government of the people, by the people, for the people dies a slow death at the hands of the new ruling classes.

Patricians and Princes residing in DC.

Back in 1951, C.M. Kornbluth wrote what in retrospect could be the scariest SciFi story of all time. Included in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two, “The Marching Morons” may hold a clue to both our future, and the path we took to get to where we are today.

In this story, a man wakes up after an unintended long-term period of suspended animation brought about by a freak accident.

The world he wakes up to is quite bizarre.

It it all starts to make sense when he finds out that the average IQ of the general population is about 45, and that one of the side effects of the lower IQ is a propensity for humans to give free rein to physical drives, with procreation being the strongest of all natural urges. As a result of that the human population stands at 5,003,000,000 people, made up of three million “elite” (people with average IQ of 100) and 5,000,000,000 morons. The elite, understanding that the population growth cannot be sustained, breed at a far slower rate than the morons, but because of that they have become veritable slaves, working feverishly trying to keep the morons from destroying the human race.

Asides from everything that they must do to keep things running, they must also spend every spare minute seeking a solution to what they call the Poprob”.

Their problem is simple:

  • The morons must be managed or they will literally cause billions of deaths, and the eventual destruction of the human race.
  • Sterilizing all the morons is impossible since there aren’t enough “elites” to accomplish that task.
  • Propaganda encouraging responsible sexual behavior and small families doesn’t work because the morons can’t fight the higher biological drive that calls for them to procreate.

Sound familiar?

Amazingly enough, the resurrected man quickly finds a simple, yet somewhat harsh solution to the problem.

He offers the morons free trips to Venus, which is described as a tropical paradise with blanket trees, ham bushes, and soap roots. In a world-wide frenzy, every nation rushes to get as many of their people to Venus as soon as possible so that they can stake their claim to the free land.

Being built and piloted by morons, the spaceships all blow up en route.

Now, I’ll leave it to you, kind reader to draw the similarities here. Go ahead and inject any time-worn adage pertaining to the odd similarities between science and fiction that you may wish to inject into this, my post-election rant.

They all work.


Sadly, the way things are going, I see 40 Venusian acres and a M.U.L.E. in humanity’s future.

All because those crazy $*&^%%$# dumb ##)&^% jackasses are #*&^%#$# the whole a#@*^%#@# thing. What the #&^$=(&^ are they $##%** thinking?


Did I just #%#* insult you? Was I #&^#^%# out of line by $#(#%$ suggesting you @#*#&^%^ actually gave this whole #*&^%$# election thing some #*%#$% thought?

Yeah well, eat $&^$ and #^%#$&^% die, you *E%^#$# marching moron!

I almost made it, didn’t I?

Maybe they are right, maybe I need to figure out a way to start being better at “getting over” things.

I think I’ll work on that now.

P.S. Why the French title?

If we’re gonna BE Europe, we may as well start speaking the lingo.

P.S.S. @*U^%## you Jackie Smith!


OK..I’m done.

Back to getting over stuff.


If I fashion the family’s mashed potatoes into the shape of Honduras, I couldn’t possibly act more like the Richard Dreyfus character in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” obsessing about ETs; I am fixated with the Honduran non-coup coup story. It means something.

I scour Honduran government websites with the same manic intensity that Roy drew pictures of a rock, and every conversation, on any subject, can lead me to the topic.

How Roy Neary-ish is that?

The story is quite simple really: the elected President of Honduras was removed from office after a unanimous vote by the Honduran Congress. He was arrested by the Honduran military, acting on a warrant issued by the Honduran Supreme Court, after an urgent request by the Honduran Attorney General, for continued violations of the Honduran Constitution. He was reportedly given the choice between incarceration and deportation, and chose the latter.

The charges stem from the attempts by President Manuel Zelaya to overthrow the Honduran Constitution, with the clear intent of eliminating any restrictions on his abiliy to remain in office. The Honduran Constitution is quite clear on the subject of Presidential term limits, and on how the Constitution may be amended:

  • Title One, Chapter III, Article 42:5, states that anyone who “incites, promotes, or supports” the re-election of the President will forfeit their citizenship.
  • Title Five, Chapter VI, Article 239, states that anyone who has once discharged the duties of President, cannot be elected to the office again, and that anyone who breaks that restriction, or supports the breaking or reforming that proposition will be immediately removed from political office, and restricted for serving in a public office, at any level, for a period of ten years.
  • Title Seven, Chapter I, Article 373, restricts Constitutional reform to acts of Congress, in session, via a two-thirds vote by the totality of membership.
  • Title Seven, Chapter I, Article 374, prohibits the reform of Article 373, any Articles detailing the form of government, Presidential term limits, prohibitions on Presidential re-elections, and the loss of the ability of any citizen who has supported the re-election of a person to the Presidency to run for political office for a period of ten years.
  • Manuel Zelaya, after being advised of the unconstitutionality of his actions, continued to promote his national referendum, going as far as illegally absconding with millions of lempiras from the central bank in order to finance the illegal referendum. He fired the head of the Honduran military for refusing to help him distribute the ballots provided by the Venezuelan government, in spite of the fact that the Honduran Supreme Court had warned Zelaya that the distribution of the ballots was illegal, and assisted a group of his followers in breaking into a military installation where those ballots were being held.

    The Honduran Congress, Supreme Court, and Military executed their Constitutional obligations, and removed him from office.

    We can debate whether Zelaya should have been put through a full impeachment trial instead of simply being booted out of the country, but there is very little doubt in my mind that his removal from office was legal, constitutionally mandated, and justified.

    Straight up, short, neat and precise.


    This is where I start throwing the hedges into the living room.

    Within hours of the Honduran military, President Obama was condemning the actions of the Honduran government:

    “I am deeply concerned by reports coming out of Honduras regarding the detention and expulsion of President Mel Zelaya. As the Organization of American States did on Friday, I call on all political and social actors in Honduras to respect democratic norms, the rule of law and the tenets of the Inter-American Democratic Charter. Any existing tensions and disputes must be resolved peacefully through dialogue free from any outside interference.”

    Excuse me?

    A deep respect for the rule of law is EXACTLY what drove the Honduran Congress, Attorney General, Supreme Court, and military to action. Zelaya was engaged in the abrogation of the rule of law…primarily, the Honduran Constitution.

    Obama later followed his statement with a legal opinion on the removal of Zelaya:

    Obama went on:

    “President Zelaya remains the democratically elected president. For the sake of the Honduran people, democratic and constitutional order must be restored.”

    This demonstrates Obama’s lack of familiarity with the Constitution of two nations: Honduras, and the one he supposedly swore to defend. Being “Democratically elected” does not translate into being given carte blanche to violate the Constitution.

    I know what you’re saying…”Froggy, what’s with the obsession? There’s health care to write about, North Korea has nukes and Afghanistan is gonna have them soon, Michael Moore says something other than capitalism put all that money in his bank account, The Obamas poured it on…they even brought Oprah with them, and they couldn’t bring the Olympics to Chicago. Why are you writing about Honduras?”

    “That’s so three months ago!”

    I’m telling you guys, there’s something here…this means something.

    This is where you take the kids and move to Grandma’s house.

    There is this chant going on in my head…”Castro…Chavez…Zelaya…ACORN”

    It plays all the time, like the image of Devil’s Tower that Roy Neary kept seeing in his mind’s eye.


    Fidel Castro used a populist “Revolución” to overthrow Batista and take control of the nation, he promised equality for all, and used class war as a tool to cement himself into power. Once in power, he suspended the Cuban Constitution, and suspended elections. He nationalized all the country’s industries, as well as the media. On July 26th, 1959, just months after seizing the reigns of power in Cuba, Fidel Castro described his ideal for Cuba as a “true Democracy”. To his remaining supporters in the Island, Fidel is the revolución, and the revolución is Fidel.

    Hugo Chavez used his Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement-200, later renamed the Fifth Republic Movement to drive home a populist message of class divisions. He then used the same movement to promote a fundamental change of the Venezuelan Constitution via a national referendum, expanding his ability to remain in power. He has nationalized the nation’s major industries, and is systematically shutting down any media critical of his tenure.

    In February of this year, another Chavez-sponsored, Fifth Republic Movement-backed referendum passed, eliminating Presidential term limits altogether.

    Chavez positioned himself, and his Fifth Republic Movement, as the third alternative to a two-party system that most Venezuelans had grown disillusioned with; his is a populist party with socialist, humanist and nationalist roots that promised “change”, “reform”, and wealth redistribution to the poor, and the working class in Venezuela via the nationalization of the nation’s oil industry.

    Speaking in Madrid this September 11th, Chavez addressed the issue of the global economic crisis, and democracy:

    “The global capitalism crisis is a great opportunity. This is the moment, it’s not a tale, it’s not madness, the world is changing.”

    “They call those of us who are fighting for true democracy tyrants and they call many tyrants democrats.”

    Socialism is democracy. ... With capitalism, a true democracy is impossible. - Hugo Chavez 2006

    "Socialism is democracy. ... With capitalism, a true democracy is impossible." - Hugo Chavez 2006

    Zelaya tried to follow the Castro/Chavez blueprint. His populist movement (the Liberal Hope Movement AKA Movimiento Esperanza Liberal) got him elected, and was set to carry out that national referendum on term limits , which would allow him time to carry out his Socialist agenda in Honduras. He had the backing of Hugo Chavez, but he failed.

    He failed because the Congress of Honduras, the Honduran Supreme Court, and the Honduran military defended the Honduran Constitution.

    But as you see above, nearly two months after Manuel Zelaya’s Constitutional removal from office, our President still calls that legal action “illegal”.

    This means something…wait, what about that chant playing in my head?


    What’s with ACORN being in there?

    ACORN is there because the populist organization always leads the charismatic populist leader. Castro’s revolución preceded Castro, Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution preceded his Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement-200, and gave birth to his Fifth Republic Movement, his tools for promoting the national referendums which have solidified his power. Zelaya’s Movimiento Esperanza Liberal got him elected, but failed to keep him in power long enough to carry out the Chavezian plan to fundamentally change the Constitution by using national referendums driven by populist movements.

    Is ACORN that organization?

    Does it have the substructure and the means to push a national agenda?

    Obama rose to power on promises of “hope” (esperanza), change (reform), and wealth redistribution. He has nationalized industries, and is openly waging war against critics such as FOX News, and Rush Limbaugh. He continues to wage class warfare in the form of health care “reform”, and, as evidenced by his words on the removal of Manuel Zelaya, holds the ideals of Democracy above the rule of law as set forth in a nation’s Constitution.

    He sides with Castro and Chavez on Honduras.


    How far fetched is it to imagine ACORN, and its many tentacles, working on a nation-wide scale to pressure Congress into placing a national referendum on a ballot?

    How unimaginable is it for Congress to fold under the weight of a national movement seeking to place a national referendum question on a national ballot?

    What if that national referendum is directed at overturning the Twenty-second Amendment?

    What if our Congress lacks the backbone to recognize what Obama is, and moves to overturn the 22nd Amendment based on a national vote?


    They are cut from the same cloth these men. Some suave, some ruthless, but they are the right individual for their particular situation, and they stood shoulder to shoulder on Honduras. They spoke of defending Democracy, calling the defense of a nation’s Constitution “illegal”.


    That chant is a loud in my head as the five note melody blasted by the mothership that flew in over Roy Neary’s once imagined, suddenly very real mountain.

    I can’t get it to stop.

    I know, I am sounding every bit as batty as Roy Neary…the problem is that Roy Neary was right.

    The Constitution reflects a fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day. - Barak Obama 2001

    "The Constitution reflects a fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day." - Barak Obama 2001