I get it.

I get it.

I get the Occupy Wall Street Movement, and I am signing on.

Who cares if we don’t all have exactly the same message, the point is that we get out there and voice our opinion, that we rage against the machine, that we empower those of us who have been left behind by that elite who control all that is pure, all that is real, all that is at the core of everything that IS America.

I get it.

I am ready to embrace the movement.

I am going to put up a tent.

I am going to hoist up a sign.

I‘m gonna let my freak flag fly!

Won’t you join me?

Join me in standing up for the 2.6 million kids who leave their hearts out on hundreds of thousands of Little League fields across the nation, NO…across the WORLD, every year. Kids whose names are NOT enshrined in that Country Club of Baseball Elitism known as the Baseball Hall of Fame, because it is reserved for that top .001% of players; only the elite need apply.

Occupy Cooperstown!

Why should one thousandth of one percent of all baseball players control 100% of the space in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Reject the Politics of Glory.

Let everyone who has contributed to the game share equal recognition. Promote contribution equality and reject the obscene glory greed in display in Cooperstown.

Take little Timmy Ofterdworfl.

Timmy was a member of the Prineville Dodgers.

Timmy only played three games before he got his uniform dirty and was forced to leave the game he loved so much by his mother. The important thing isn’t that he never got on base, or that he would swing two and three times at one pitch. It isn’t even that he got his uniform dirty when he tripped over a sprinkler on his way out to his right fielder’s position and left the game crying.

What’s important is that Timmy tried, and that the possible damage to his self esteem and to the self esteem of millions of kids just like him brought about by the unequal distribution of space in the Halls of Glory Greed at Cooperstown is downright unfair.

I sent out a Twitter, and am excited at the responses from other activists in the iCloud Revolution. I can feel the anger building up in parents’ basements and unfurnished efficiencies across America where kindred spirits rage against the establishment.

I want to thank the members of “Occupy American Idol” and the “W.U.A.T.F” (Women’s Urinal Assault Task Force) for their support, and send out a big, organic, solidarity (non-aggressive) fist bump to the “Boomerang Kids for Free Xbox Live” movement out in Hillcrest.

Occupy Cooperstown!

We are the 99.99%!

Announcement: Our next organizational meeting has been moved to the Starbucks on Melindre Ave, so please do not show up at the Dunkin Donuts on 5Th and Callaway, as they will probably call the authorities if you do. And once again PLEASE refrain from bathing in Starbuck’s restrooms, as we are running low on meeting places and don’t want to lose another one.