Neoracism…remember that word.

In Hardball last week, host Chris Matthews suggested that Newt Gingrich was making a racist statement when he said the following in a speech in Georgia, earlier that same week:

“You want to be a country that creates food stamps, in which case frankly Obama is an enormous success – the most successful food stamp president in American history, or do you want to be a country that creates paychecks?”

This, according to Mathews and David Gregory, amounts to racism.

So, mentioning food stamps is racist in nature.

My question is…how so Chris?

Simple: the true racism at play in the video above is being exhibited by Matthews and Gregory.

THEY are the ones making the association between blacks and food stamps, THEY are making the statement that food stamps = blacks, then THEY assign their racism to Gingrich.

Fact…Forty seven million Americans are currently receiving food stamps.

Fact…According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are roughly 40 million blacks in America today.

Fact…Blacks in America represent a third of food stamp recipients, and a quarter of America’s black population receives food stamps.

So how exactly, is mentioning food stamp usage a racial issue associated with the first black President, unless the individual making the accusation is in fact engaging in racism by perpetuating the notion that blacks = food stamps, and believing that the connecting actually exists?

Then, they set upon Gingrich on another, similar remark:

Once again, Mathews projects his racist beliefs. He makes the connection between the collapse of Detroit and the city’s black population, not Newt. Gingrich simply pointed out the more obvious theme: the collapse of a liberal economic model, versus the success of the economic model of a Conservative State.

Gregory and Matthews assigned their racism to Gingrich, attacked him for something he never said, and made him defend their own racist beliefs.

In the next election cycle, Progressives will frame the Presidential election as a black vs. white contest, with anyone who claims Conservative beliefs being painted as a racist. It’s actually a rather sad state of affairs.

Howard Smith put it in perspective way back in 2009, during the Health Care Reform debate:

“In our great country there simply is no behavior more outrageous, no statement more contemptible and no crime more dastardly than those dealing with racial hatred. When the accusation of racisms is casually leveled at every Tom, Jane and Harry for no better reason than to cause mass hysteria and to keep opponents quiet, not only would it not work but it diminishes the impact of the word itself. If becomes nothing more than an euphemism for someone who disagrees with Obama. This may actually be the greatest harm these fools are doing to America.”

Here we are, and these are the fools.

Welcome to Progressive Neoracism…plenty more to come in this next election cycle.

Hat tip: Ed Lopez