Turn on any political show on television, read any newspaper, Internet, or magazine article, and the subject of the economy dominates the conversation.

Democrats are once again reciting the “blame Bush for the economy” along with the “Obama inherited this debt” mantras, while Republicans point out that Obama will triple that debt, and has done nothing to either reign in spending, or truly stimulate the economy. Democratic talking heads counter that by saying that Bush inherited a booming economy, and left behind a ruined one, with a staggering rise in the national debt.

On the surface, their claims appear to be true, after all, the 2009 debt was Bush’s last budget. In fact, there is a lot of merit to both their positions on the subject…yet, are we looking to place the blame somewhere other than on the guilty party here?

Let’s examine the claims.

Was the economy booming when Bush took office?

Not really, that great economy of Clinton transformed itself into the dot-com bust, and even prior to the attacks of September 11, Democrats were openly discussing the “Bush recession”, just months after he took office.

So, if Bush was blamed for the recession he inherited from Clinton, why can’t Obama be blamed for the current state of the economy?

At best, that is stupidity in their part, or perhaps an assumption that the American voter, a nation where ADD is pandemic, won’t pick up on the lie. At worst, it is demagoguery of the worst kind.

Then again, the 2009 budget WAS Bush’s budget, not Obama’s.

Yet, that doesn’t answer the question…whose deficit is it anyway?

Who should we blame for this sorry state of affairs?

Well, we first must accept the fact that the deficit is caused by bad budgeting; anyone running a household knows that writing checks past that point where the funds are completely depleted from the bank account, is akin to committing personal financial suicide. In fact, doing that is a crime, and the blame for the financial disaster (and the criminal charges) falls on the individual making the decision to overspend their available income.

Congress is constitutionally charged with all aspects of spending, borrowing, taxation, and debt payment, so it’s fair to say that since the responsibility of setting a budget in place, AND controlling the revenue raising aspect of paying for that budget, belongs to the Congress, then the blame for budgetary short falls belong there as well, so increases (and decreases) in the national debt come about as a result of actions by Congress…not the Office of The President.

The chart below, tracking the rise and fall of budget deficits according to which Party controls Congress, rather than which President resides in 1600 Pennsylvania, exposes some rather startling data.

Under a Republican-controlled Congress from 1995 t0 2000, federal deficits fell and became a surplus. In 2001, because of reaction to the attacks of 9/11 and spending related to them, the curve began to trend up into a deficit again slowly.

In 2002, Democrats took control of the Senate, and the deficit rose significantly until 2004, when Republicans regained control of Congress. The deficit then dropped steadily until 2007, when Democrats took control of Congress with a super majority.

Once that happened, the Federal deficit skyrocketed from $500 billion, to $1.3 trillion.
Media pundits and political hacks are busy diverting your attention away from the true culprits, away from the people who actually created this economic mess we’re in. They want to blame the fatal auto crash on the guy that was sitting in the passenger seat yelling “faster! faster!” instead of the individual slamming the gas pedal to the floor.

It’s time we place the blame where it belongs, and end it the game right where it began…at the polling booth.

Fire enough Congressional Democrats to seat a hostile Congress for however long Obama stays in office.

Now, THAT’S change we need people.

H/T Shanghai Dan