Watched “Avatar” last night. A visually stunning movie that will without a doubt change movie making forever.


Those are WoW night elves fighting the guys from Halo to save their world’s ecosystem from a capitalist Evil Empire.

One of the Halo guys infiltrates the heroic elves to learn their ways, and help the evil corporate Halo guys find ways to remove them from their home, so they can go about the business of rapping the world for its natural resources. If they can’t get them to move, they’ll just kill them.

Mmmm…an eco-political quest in a galaxy far, far away, or a commentary on something far closer in space and time?

My niece calls the movie “Dances with Smurfs”, not a bad analogy when you think about it.

I kept looking for the fat, overbearing night elf, but I didn’t see him.

I was certain that Al Gore would have gotten in on this one.

I’ll look harder when the DVD comes out…he’s in there somewhere.

There is one thing about that movie.

It makes you think.

I certainly did.

Cross-species mating presented as a love story?

In the Scottish version, will the aliens resemble Ovis aries?

I can only answer for myself, and you know what?

Dating a chick with a tail wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Think of the possibilities.

I can get over the four toes.