The Associated Press:

AP – Military officials were starting Friday to piece together what may have pushed an Army psychiatrist trained to help soldiers in distress to turn on his comrades in a shooting rampage that killed 13 people and wounded 30 in Texas.

Are you serious?

What’s there to “piece together” here?

A feasible story to cover up the actual one?

Something to feed a public that KNOWS that we now have two (known) instances of Muslims in our military choosing Islam over duty?

If you do a word search on the AP article, you may be surprised that the words “Islam” or “Muslim” are not mentioned once.

You MAY be surprised…but only if you woke up from a decades long coma sometime yesterday afternoon.

In fact, there is only one place that you can find the word “Muslims” in that entire AP page…way down in the bottom:

Muslims Worry About Backlash From Shooting

They know what everyone in our government and the complicit media is trying to bury.

They know that the 500-lb gorillas in our military wear turbans.

What’s more important is that they know that we know.