The American Cancer Society has a new ad supporting government health care/insurance:

I am sorry for Dan’s loss, but I have several issues with this ad.

The details about why Dan either lost his health insurance, or was unable to purchase new insurance are sketchy, and his wife’s death is sad.

But, and here is where this ad jumps the shark, Dan makes an incredible claim when he says that his wife’s death from cancer could have been prevented if they would have had a “simple thing called insurance.”

Five hundred and sixty-five thousand Americans died from cancer in 2008. If we believe the most inflated figures being thrown around in this health care debate, 18% of Americans do not have health insurance.

So 470,000+ of the people who died from cancer in 2008 had insurance, and they died any way?

The answer here is that of course, health insurance doesn’t cure OR prevent cancer, nor can it stop you from dying.

The second and most subtle message that a THINKING individual will take away from this message, is that Dan was unable to purchase cancer treatment for his wife because he could not afford it. One day, the government will be in that very same position, then, it will be your government telling you that it can’t afford to treat your wife.

And since past behavior is the surest way to determine future performance, we KNOW that the government will be bankrupt within years of taking over our health care, and the most significant difference between today and that day in the not-so-far-off future, is that we, even the vast majority of that 82% of us who have insurance today, will be Dans.

Socialism doesn’t make everyone equal by raising everyone’s standard of living, it does it by lowering everyone.

The ad is thin on detail, and thinly veils the attempt by supporters of government health care to use fear as a motivator, and play to basic, and unthinking, human kindness.

But the violins!

The violins are laid on thick and strong!

[Euthanasia] is what any State medical service has sooner or later got to face. If you are going to be kept alive in institutions run by and paid for by the State, you must accept the State’s right to economize when necessary …” The Ministry of Fear… by Graham Green (New York: Penguin Books [1943] 2005, p. 165).

When that day comes, when the overwhelming majority of us are Dans, looking for critical care from a system which lacks the money to pay for it, a system most of us didn’t want anything to do with, send not to know for whom the violins play, they’ll be playing for thee, and for and me.