TMZ is reporting on some rather candid comments made by President Obama today on the Kanye West/Taylor Swift “controversy”.

“I thought that was really inappropriate! You know? It’s like, she’s getting an award–what are you butting in? I hear you. I agree with you. The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person. She’s getting her award. What’s he doing up there? He’s a jackass.”

Two things about this…

1. This is quite possibly the first time that I have agreed with the President on anything at all.
2. Will Obama be hosting “Beer Summit II” at the White House lawn and bring the rapper and the country beauty together in an effort to “heal the wounds”?

Thinking about point #1, and realizing that Obama does know how to pick a jackass out of a crowd, one has to wonder why he keeps so many of them around The White House?

Update: It seems that Kanye may have been instrumental in the creation of a comedic cottage industry:

Kanye West Interrupts Obama Speech to Investment Bankers

Kanye West Interrupts Super Mario Game

Kanye West Interrupts Charlie Weis’ Postgame Excuse Session

Kanye West Interrupts Senate Health Care Package Debate

I’ll say one thing about Kanye West.

He’s created more work with thirty seconds of stupidity, than Obama has with a trillion dollars worth of stimulus, and seven months of rampant socialism.