After warming up his oratorical chops by talking to American school children, President Obama is now set to speak to the adults. The audience however, will not be as receptive, because they’re not as naive.

Ignoring the polls, and ignoring the public outcry of this, the summer of our discontent, the President is set to gamble what remains of his rapidly diminishing popularity, and the even more rapidly diminishing confidence in his leadership skills, to push for something we don’t clearly want…higher taxes, and a higher deficit.

Fox News reports, that President Obama will press for a public option while continuing to make the claim that government-run, taxpayer-financed insurance coverage does not translate into unfair competition for insurance companies. The government can literally print money, and spend funds it doesn’t have, while the other must generate profits in order to survive; one doesn’t have to be Ludwig Von Mises reincarnated to see the obvious here.

In the latest Rasmussen polls, 68% of voters nationwide believe that passing health care legislation will create larger deficits, with 79% of independent voters agreeing. Eighty percent of voters polled believe that passage of health care reform will lead to higher taxes for the middle class. Fifty-four percent of voters favor tax cuts over new health care spending.

Meanwhile, Congressional leaders assured Obama that they have the votes needed to pass the legislation.

Americans clearly do not want higher taxes and higher deficits, but Obama’s sycophants are telling the President that they have the support, and Obama is set to push forward. They tell him that those who do not want government health care are simply ignorant of the facts.

Maybe some of those naive school children The One spoke to yesterday will watch tonight’s speech, and wonder out loud why the Prez is wearing no clothes.

One can only hope that most adults will notice that as well.