Coming to a conclusion on a situation based solely on the race of an individual, and ignoring, or not bothering to learn any and all other factors which may impact that conclusion, is the technical definition of racism.

Obama, by his own admission, lacked the facts in the Gates issue, yet he formulated an opinion, and weighed in on the controversy, while standing on the greatest bully pulpit in the world. He reacted with very little thought, did not bother to learn the facts surrounding the arrest, and based his opinion solely on the race of the individuals involved.

Barack Obama engaged in racism.

Pundits and apologists everywhere, are trying to downplay or explain away Obama’s reaction, but the facts remain the same.

Barack Obama, acting in his official capacity as President of the nation that peacefully elected him to the office, engaged in public racism, and today remains unapologetic for his actions.

The race of the person engaging in it notwithstanding, racism is racism.