Just listen to the first thirty seconds.

That was roughly two weeks ago, about four days after the first shot rang out in Tehran.

Fifteen days later, Obama calls the removal of Manuel Zelaya “illegal”, and joins Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro in condemning it.

What about Honduras’ sovereignty?

Isn’t it up to Hondurans as well to decide who the Honduran leaders will be, or is that a right preserved for Islamic theocracies, and not Latin democracies?

We “avoid the United States being the issue inside Iran” as the Mullahs brutally beat back calls for reform, and jump in with both feet to defend Zalaya’s overt attempt at overthrowing the Honduran Constitution?

One year ago…

President Bush would have spoken out immediately, in defense of the right of the people of Iran to speak out against the very real possibility of a corrupted election, and called out for the immediate stop to the beatings and shootings, instead of suggesting that the beatings and shootings of citizens by government forces weren’t any of our business.

One year ago…

President Bush would have praised the Honduran Congress, Supreme Court, and the Honduran people for their level-headed, orderly defense of the Honduran Constitution, holding them up as the brilliant example of a Constitutional Democracy that they are.

Today, President Obama gives taciturn approval of an Islamic theocracy’s right to beat and kills its citizens in the streets of their capital, for the crime of protecting the outcome of an election. Today, he calls the constitutional defense of the rule of law in a Latin American country “not legal”, and joins Chavez and Castro in supporting a President removed from power by the unanimous vote of Congress, in accordance to that nation’s Constitution, and as decreed by the Honduran Supreme Court, for repeated violations of his nation’s Constitution.

Then again, one year ago…

We didn’t own banks.

One year ago…

The President didn’t fire Detroit CEO’s.

One year ago…

There weren’t a dozen or so shadow figures called Czars whose power and reach no one quite understands.

One year ago…

We weren’t a dozen votes away from nationalizing 15% of our gross domestic product.

Not that many years ago, Ronald Reagan said that freedom was “never more than one generation away from extinction.”

He was speaking to us, and we obviously didn’t listen.

Change we got.