Eyewitness accounts are surfacing about the incident in the New Port Richey Tea Party incident.

When she (Melanie M. Schrey) first rolled up she saw all the protesters and actually slowed down and threatened to hit the people who were in her way!! People should not have been on the leading edge of the street granted, but when you are in charge of a 2,000 pound vehicle it is incumbent upon you to react accordingly to any road hazard! She initially came to a stop at THE BEGINNING of the protest line and screamed the above mentioned threats and then continued on 200 ft or so before turning in to Mel’s old parking lot all the while seeing that there was a line of protesters on the entrance apron into that property! If she had stopped or slowed down (the protesters were in the process of making way for her) this would not have happened! But no, road rage princess drove like she was pretending no one was there and then whoops!…”didn’t see you there” was her attitude but that’s OK, someone allegedly got it on video and if that’s the case her goose is really cooked! Again, while people should not have been on the edge of the road and sometimes finding themselves in it, this man was well away from the road and was halfway up the Apron 3 people thick in the crowd so she had no excuse for her behavior with regards to driving.

Clearly a case of road rage, as she apparently had every intention of running someone over.

Florida State traffic laws require that drivers yield the right of way to pedestrians.

Makes sense.

I was situated 100 feet from where this occurred and for about 100 feet prior to this outrage–this woman was cussing people out (who were not in her path, but standing behind the white line in the pedestrian area) and displaying obvious rage. I feel it was intentional. In Florida pedestrians have the right of way and at the moment she hit him the crowd was moving to let her in but from what I hear she steered right into it. She chose to use her car as a weapon and that is a crime. When word got out someone had been hit, myself and those she verbally attacked, knew she had been the one to do it. She should be held accountable for her actions and should be charged! Her actions prior to this showed obvious rage. She was not in control of her emotions but in full control of her vehicle and someone got hurt which is wrong. It was INTENTIONAL. Too many people witnessed it! Sadly, what it comes down to is a beautiful protest that was well organized and peaceful, will now in the media be remembered for one single brutal act. I am outraged she was not arrested on the spot and charged with assault with a deadly weapon plus she was not even given a sobriety test!

Hate crime?

It’s not a hate crime when the victim in a white (possibly) conservative male.


More as more becomes available.