OK…maybe not la revolución, that was possibly the last vestiges of Castrist schooling being exorcised from my system, but a revolution nevertheless, and much like in the days of the Founders, Americans will freely exercise their God-given right to say “ENOUGH!”

Rick Santelli’s rant caught America’s imagination, and the Tea Party is on!

I invite, no, not invite, I URGE you to attend the Tea Party nearest to you, for the sake of our future, our Nation, and the continuance of the American Dream.

Tea Party

Find your nearest Tea Party here, and if one’s not available, organize one.


I urge my fellow citizens, to join me in Miami…let the Mambí join cause with the Minuteman, and together stand up for our home!

Hat tip…Michelle Malkin, and Babalú Blog


Meet me in Miami!