Found this article in Philadelphia’s The Bulletin

A bill that would order the reorganization of the Catholic Church in Connecticut has been postponed after news of the bill created a civil rights firestorm that spread across the country.

Connecticut Bill No. 1098 is pushing the church/state line, as the bill would require Catholic parishes to elect a board of laypeople to govern the day-to-day affairs of the parish. Such a role is traditionally reserved for the parish priest and/or bishop under Church law.

The concept surrounding Bill No. 1098 is not new, however, as Voice of the Faithful, a left-wing Catholic group, has previously supported stripping the Catholic hierarchy of their control of local churches and the current bill is modeled after its rhetoric. Members claim the sex scandals serve as evidence the Catholic hierarchy is not fit to run the parishes and a board of laypeople should be required.

The group known as Voice of the Faithful, released the following statement:

“A parish corporation consisting of all registered parishioners, the bishop, and the pastor should be established. The officers and directors should be elected by the parishioners. The bishop and the pastor should serve ex officio. The corporation should have the authority to use, administer, and maintain parish property, to acquire new property, or to sell unneeded property.”

Why does that sound like Socialism to me?

Could it be because of the fact that people who did NOT build up those assets are claiming that they are entitled to them?

Sounds strangely familiar, doesn’t it?

In spite of the fact that the bill has now been postponed (not shelved) due to the controversy surrounding it, the Connecticut Catholic Church still faces serious challenges:

The Roman Catholic Church next month will coordinate a national postcard campaign to oppose the Freedom of Choice Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade, the Christian Science Monitor reports. President-elect Barack Obama has pledged that he would sign the act if Congress approves the measure. Abortion-rights opponents — including the Catholic Church — claim that the bill could override conscience clauses that allow doctors and hospitals to refuse to provide abortion services because of their religious or moral convictions, and some Catholic leaders have threatened that Catholic hospitals would close if the bill becomes law. – Source

Socialism’s attack on America has opened another front.

I do have to wonder how organized religion will face this challenge. Will the Protestant masses stand with their fellow Catholics against future government the encroachment on their First Amendment rights, or will sectarian differences prevail, leaving a divided religious community exposed to the Socialist attacks?

All I know is that if this bill passes, this first shot in the battle between Church and State, America will be stand assailed from enemies, both foreign and domestic, and that the man elected to defend her against both, will be the one leading the assault.