Mr. Obama spent some time in Ohio yesterday, patting himself on the back over the success of his stimulus package…CNN reports:

President Obama on Friday touted the benefits of his economic recovery plan at a police cadet graduation made possible as a result of the recently passed $787 billion stimulus package.

“We’ve got big challenges ahead of us,” Obama said at the ceremony for 25 new Columbus, Ohio police officers.

But the stimulus plan would facilitate an economic recovery, he said, in part by helping support workers in law enforcement, teaching and other public sector professions.

“Because of this plan, stories like the one we’re celebrating here in Columbus will soon take place all across this nation,” the president said as he announced the distribution of $2 billion in new law enforcement grants from the stimulus package.

One might remember the President’s claim that his $ 787 billion stimulus package would create millions of jobs…three and a half million jobs created or saved to be exact, which is a formidable accomplishment, until you do the math (as John Stossel did), and figure out that each job will cost taxpayers roughly $225,000.

Creating jobs is easy, I do it all the time, and at a much lower cost.

I tell my kids to pick up their rooms, to fold and put away their clothes, and once in a while, to vacuum their rooms. If they do these things, I pay them a weekly salary (they call it an allowance), and they either spend that money, or save it to spend it later.

So if I am the government, and they are the people, then these monies doled out in return for performing the assigned tasks could be considered part of that household stimulus plan known as Dad’s salary.

See…I created jobs.

I didn’t create wealth however…in fact, I squandered wealth by paying my sons to perform tasks that were already being performed with greater efficiency, and less cost by private industry (Mom). In doing so, I took money from the people (the family at large) and made it a degree or two more difficult to run the nation (the household), with the only result being keeping my kids (the welfare recipients) marginally busy for a few short moments a week performing tasks that taught them nothing, other than creating in them the expectation of receiving monies for performing poorly at tasks that they care very little about.

So like the president, I can boast about the success of my job creation program, and I could try to create the impression that in employing my kids, I helped the family…but that would be a lie. Like the president’s boast that his job creation program will help bring us out of this recession is a lie.

What I should do is to help my kids start up a lawn moving business of their own by financing their start up costs (gasoline, and a flyer), and helping them create wealth.

John Stossel nails it in his OpEd linked above:

Egypt built more than 100 pyramids beginning sometime in the third millennium B.C. to house the corpses of the pharaohs and their significant others. Think of all the jobs that project created. I’ll bet the unemployment rate was something any pharaoh could have proudly campaigned for reelection on — if he faced election, that is. Pyramid building is one heck of a public-works project.


Ancient Egypt’s success has many applications today. We could have full employment overnight if the government simply outlawed machines. Today’s 7 8.1 percent unemployment rate would vanish.


So creating jobs is not difficult for government. What is difficult for government is creating jobs that produce wealth. Pyramids, holes in the ground and war do not produce wealth. They destroy wealth. They take valuable resources and convert them into something less valuable.

Buried in the CNN article about the president’s Ohio speech is this interesting tidbit:

The graduating cadets were informed at the end of January that they would be laid off because of a shortfall in the city’s budget, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman said.

A few weeks later, however, the city was given a $1.25 million stimulus grant through the Justice Department, which would provide funding for the cadets’ jobs through the end of 2009. The cadets’ future is uncertain beyond that point.

“These 25 officers stand for more than just law and order,” Coleman said. “This is our nation’s stimulus package at work … and it’s working right here in the city of Columbus.”

Working through December anyway…which is long enough to allow Obama to boast about his simulated stimulus.

Beyond that, maybe pyramids?

I know…we can build a huge statue paying homage to the current administration, and their plans to save our economy.

Part mythical beast, part human, all government, we can call it The Sphynxter.

That’s just about right where this administration is stimulating most of us these days.