BUENOS AIRES (AFP) – The first photos in two months of ailing Cuban former leader Fidel Castro, showing him meeting Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, were released Friday by Kirchner’s office.

The images, the first known pictures of Castro released since November 18 last year, show him standing next to Kirchner. They were handed to the Argentine leader by Cuban officials Thursday night at a dinner in Caracas hosted by Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, her office said.

Kirchner was “touched by the gesture and immediately showed the photos to other guests,” according Kirchner’s spokesman Miguel Nunez, quoted by Argentina’s government news agency Telam.

Kirchner, on her first visit to island, said Castro seemed healthy during the half-hour meeting. “We chatted about the international situation,” the Argentine leader told Telam.

Weekend at Fidel's

That looks like one of those pictures you can get for about $15 at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

I like the staging…dinner at Chavez, with a bunch of other guests, and the pictures are presented to the Argentine President by Cuban officials, and she immediately shows them to other people.

They could have given her those pictures BEFORE she left Cuba, but it apparently took more time to Photoshop Castro into it properly.

How many hands does the Argentine President have anyway?