In a move that surprised few, and pleased many, Caroline Kennedy ended her “run” for the Congressional seat vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton…amply filled by Mrs Clinton, one may add.

“I, um, informed Governor Paterson today that for, you know, personal reasons I am, um, withdrawing my, you know, name from, um, consideration for the, you know, United States Senate.”

Asked for a comment, Governor Peterson said “WHATevuh.”

Ms. Kennedy’s staff has alluded that her uncle’s (Ted “here, let me drive” Kennedy) health may be the personal reason mentioned in her…um, statement, but rumours surfacing seem to point in another direction.

The NYT reporting:

Problems involving taxes and a household employee surfaced during the vetting of Caroline Kennedy and derailed her candidacy for the Senate, a person close to Gov. David A. Paterson said on Thursday, in an account at odds with Ms. Kennedy’s own description of her reasons for withdrawing.

Why do Democrats support higher taxes?

Go here, hit Ctrl+f, type in the word “tax”, and hit “next” as many times as it takes you to get to the bottom of the page. Add Charles Rangel and Timothy Geithner to the list and the answer will be obvious…they have no intention of paying them.