Just found this on CNNPolitics.com:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — As George W. Bush spends his final days in office, a national poll suggests that two-thirds of Americans see his presidency as a failure.

Sixty-eight percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Sunday said that Bush’s eight years in the White House were a failure, with 44 percent saying this was because of his personal shortcomings and 22 percent blaming the failure on circumstances beyond his control.

Thirty-one percent said they consider Bush’s presidency a success.

Half of those polled say the United States could be better off today if Al Gore had been elected president in 2000 rather than Bush, with 27 percent saying the country would be worse off if Gore had won. Twenty-two percent say things would be about the same.

People who frequent CNN.com disapprove of the Bush Presidency…imagine that!

I’ve had my reasons to disapprove of a number of actions, policies, and positions taken by the Bush Administration over the past eight years, but nothing that would make me believe that his entire Presidency was a failure.

Most Democrats however, believed him a failure before he served day one as President, making the outcome of this poll fairly predictable.

Dennis Miller said everything I would say about the Bush Presidency.

I too feel priviledged that he was the President during this time in our history.