The U.N. calls a special meeting to discuss a particularly bloody exchange between Israel and the Palestinians, and to look for solutions on how to end hostilities once and for all. Before the meeting begins, the Head of Rabbinical Assembly in Israel stands and addresses the assembled body:

“Ladies and gentlemen before I begin, I would like to relate an old story, which I think is pertinent to this discussion. When Moses was leading the Jews out of Egypt, they traveled across many deserts. Naturally, the Children of Israel needed water, so Moses lifted his staff, struck the side of a large rock, and from that rock a stream of cool, fresh water began to flow. Soon, a large pond had formed and Moses decided to cleanse himself. He went behind the rock, removed his robes, and dipped his tired, dirty body into the clean water. When Moses emerged from his bath, he discovered that all his garments had been stolen. Jewish historians have determined that it was Palestinians who stole his clothes.”

The Palestinian delegate jumps up and screams: “This is more Jewish propaganda! It is widely known that there were no Palestinians at the time of Moses!!!”

“Bearing that in mind,” continued the Rabbi, “let us begin this meeting…”

That’s a joke, and a good one at that…this however is not the least bit funny.

I’ve received links to that video at least a dozen times these past two weeks, all prefaced with the same sense of alarm: we must stop these demonstrations before “it’s too late.” More than a few emails called for the banishment of Islam from our nation.

I find the video disturbing and repugnant, in particular, the woman calling for Israel to be nuked, and shouting about “bigger ovens” (references to the Holocaust), but as much as I detest what I see, I believe that stopping these demonstrations, and banishing Islam would be a far greater attack on our nation and our values than anything these misguided fools could actually accomplish.

What happened in the streets of Ft. Lauderdale on December 30th could never happen without those freedoms that countless Americans have fought and died for, and THAT is the real message that everyone who sees this video, AND the people who participated in the disgusting display, should take away from the incident.

Unfortunately, that woman calling for a nuclear attack on Israel will never “get it”, and will continue to support a cause that takes away the freedoms she just exercised so virulently, and THAT is what the rest of us need to understand.