Jerry Jones is the reason for the Dallas Cowboys not having won a playoff game since 1996.

There…I’ve said it.

Sure, Wade Phillips is a mediocre Coach at best, and Jason Garret seems a bit overrated, and to quote ESPN “his stock is in a free fall”; Romo threw 45 times in the loss against the Ravens, and America’s Team (on paper anyway) gained 92 yards on the ground in the team’s last game in Texas Stadium. With legendary Cowboys like Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson, and Bob Lilly in attendance, Saturday’s performance went way beyond embarrassing.

It’s Jones that’s been the constant in Dallas however, not Phillips, lover boy, or Tantrum Owens. It’s Jones that was calling the shots in 1996 (the last time the Cowboys won a post-season game), and Jones that’s there today, still calling the shots of what’s shaping up to be the twelfth year that the blue and silver will not make it into the playoffs.

Dallas was picked to win this year’s Superbowl before the team took their first snap of the season, everyone agreeing that the depth of talent in the team would cruise through the season, and right into Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. But Romo appears to be far better at penetrating leggy blond bombshells than tight coverage. T.O. is a loud mouth narcissist who has caused trouble in every team that he’s ever played for, and while possibly possessing the biggest heart in the Cowboys’ offense, Marion Barber is less player than his contract would have you believe.

These lone-star-wearing underachievers lack discipline, heart, passion, and team cohesiveness, all clear indicators of two massive problems within the Cowboys organization: poor coaching, and bad management that consistently hires bad coaches, or worse, hires GOOD coaches and then takes from them the ability to run the team effectively.

All these things can be fixed with the proper leadership, and that leadership MUST come from the top. But can they be fixed by next week, when the Cowboys travel to Philly and face an Eagles team fighting for their own playoff berth?

Jerry Jones is in a tough spot…his team needs to win championships in order to fill the seats of his new, $1.1 billion pro football Cathedral opening next year. Judging from the playoff drought of the past eleven years under the Cowboys’ current management, change in management is needed to bring the franchise back to its former glory, and Jerry Jones, the owner, needs to fire Jerry Jones, the General Manager, and that’s the 500-lb gorilla in the Cowboys board room.

Well Jerry, this long-time Cowboys fan wants you to fire yourself and find a real GM and a real coach for America’s Team, and until you do, I will not spend one tin dime on anything Cowboy related.

No t-shirts, no hats, not NFL Ticket from my cable provider, no Cowboys coffee mugs, boxer shorts, sleeping wear, antenna toppers, bumper stickers, bobbleheads, flags, team logo sneakers, Cowboys toothbrushes…nothing. I won’t even spend the gas to travel to a sports bar to watch games not broadcast by my local TV stations.

The ball’s on your court Jones.