“America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

Alexis de Tocqueville did NOT say that, but the fundamental truth behind the statement is such that the quote has been used by everyone from Dwight Eisenhower, to Ronald Reagan, Jesse Helms, William Jefferson Clinton, and Pat Buchanan.

Having acknowledged that truth, let me now say this:

Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death in Valley Stream, NY by a crowd rushing into a Wal-Mart to buy cheap televisions.

I know I’m more than a week late on this story, but I took time off for Thanksgiving, and while my intention was to come back to the blog with something other than a week-old story, Jdimytai Damour’s story stuck with me all week.

Let me repeat myself here…Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death while protecting a pregnant woman, from a crowd rushing into a Wal-Mart to buy cheap televisions.

This marked the official start of the Judeo-Christian Holiday season in our country this year.

Well, that and a shoot out in a Toys R Us in California that left two dead.

What in the world is wrong with us?

Television sets for God’s sake, junk ones at that…Chinese made!

Middle class Americans, from a middle class American town, behaving like starving animals at the sight of food. All this in order to buy things to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with.

The greatness of America is waning because her goodness is disappearing, replaced by wanton greed and uncontrolled consumerism.

We are all at fault here…from the people rushing that door, crushing a pregnant woman against a door and trampling Jdimytai to death, to the Wal-Mart executives who set up the “loss leader” sales which led to lives being lost, and the store managers who failed to set up some kind of system to filter shoppers into the store on opening. We are all at fault because we’ve allowed our humanity to be replaced by runaway greed.

Wal Mart’s new television ad says that “Wal Mart Makes Christmas Affordable”…that’s wrong, Wal mart, and us, cheapen Christmas to such a degree that human lives are worth less than the opportunity to buy a $69 Samsung digital camera, or a $400 imported flat screen television set.

Those people who trampled Jdimytai went on with their shopping, unfazed by the fact that on their way to the cheap television that would brighten their Christmas Day, they trampled the meaning of the day beneath the soles of their blind avarice.

This Christmas, say a prayer.

Say a prayer for Jdimytai Damour, may he rest in peace, but most importantly, say a prayer for America, that her people will find the goodness buried beneath the greed and callousness that seem to be running rampant through our society.

Pray to the spirit of Christmas past, that we shed our meanness, and find our souls along the way.