Jim Robinson and Free Republic got some positive press from the AP today:

Free Republic, founded by Robinson in September 1996, doesn’t attract much attention from the national press and is not well-known among political experts. Many of its postings have a decidedly fringe feel.

But long before Red State, Daily Kos and Little Green Footballs arrived on the Internet political scene, Free Republic was building an audience — and becoming a formidable political force among conservatives and libertarians that is admired even by some who disagree with its political philosophy.

It’s a good write up for JimRob and the FReepers, and it only uses the word “fringe” once in the entire article, which is a huge concession by AP.

Eight years of Clinton and the Internet boom provided the catalyst for FR’s growth, as eight years of GWB fed the growth of the left wing opposition sites like Daily Kos and Huffington Post, and like FR in the Clinton years, the left wing forums rallied and organized behind the Democrats in this election, becoming an effective source of funding and volunteers for candidates and their campaigns.

The upcoming Obama administration will provide an intense battleground for Internet political activism forums, as the power of the Internet in politics was proved by the President-elect’s Internet agenda’s massive success; the Obama campaign is being credited with rewriting the rules for Internet campaign fund raising, and it’s now going to be up to the right-wing forums to rise to the challenge of helping turn America’s political wheel back to the right.

We’ll double and redouble our efforts to fight for what is right,” Robinson says. “We’ve got people just spitting nails.

The Democrats in control is a good thing for FR, and by extension Jim Robinson, who long before anyone ever heard of Barack Obama, had figured out that mixing politics and the Internet created wealth…and good or him! That’s how America is supposed to work; if you create a service wanted by many, then you should profit from it.

I would give Mr. Robinson one small piece of advice:

Create a Wikipedia Editing Chapter in FReepdom to fight back against those evil lefty editors.

James C. Robinson, also known as RimJob, (born 1945), American conservative internet activist, known as “Jim Robinson”; founder, in 1996, of the moderated on-line forum Free Republic; filed for Limited Liability Company status in 1998.