Just got this e-mail…found it interesting, and apropos of this site.

Here is a list of my predictions of where the country will be (and when if I can pin that down) by 2010 of a BO, NP and HR administration.

1)       within the first week in office BO will lift the ban on federal funding of abortions

2)       within the first year in office he will sign legislation allowing for cloning of embryos and embryonic stem cell research

3)       pass card check legislation for the unions within first year which will result in

a.       more unions and union members

b.       movement offshore of more businesses

c.       increased consumer costs

d.       likely even an attempt to unionize Walmart.

4)       reinstitute “assault weapons ban” which will be broader and more encompassing than before, likely to include handguns and large caliber weapons.

5)       increase tax rates across the board – he said he was going to undo the Bush tax cuts and institute his own which would cover 95% of the workforce.  But all taxes will increase.

a.       in his stump speeches he has said his cuts would be for all making less than $250k, also less than $200k, Biden said less than $150k and Bill Richardson said less than $120k – we’ll see which figure it settles at.

b.       He hasn’t addressed the marriage penalty, Bush removed this tax, Charlie Rangel (sp?) has said he would like to see it reinstituted and Charlie is in charge of the House Ways and Means committee, the one responsible for setting tax policy.

c.       His tax policies will drive many small businesses out of business or they will end up laying off many workers.  This is because, according to him he will only tax them if they make over $250k a year and (also according to him) 95% of small businesses make less than that.  When in actuality, according to the SBA (small business administration) about 99% make more than that.  He never defined if his policy was after taxes or pre-taxes.

6)       (currently) Nancy Pelosi wants a $500 billion stimulus package, he will sign this into law within the first 90 days in office and this will run the deficit up to $2 trillion in less than one year.

7)       Electricity rates by mid 2010 will be approaching triple what they are today 11/4/2008.

8)       Gas and other fuel prices will be double to triple today’s dollars, as I’m writing this it is currently about $2.30 a gallon in central PA.  Gas at the pump will be $7.00 a gallon by mid 2009 and $8.00 by mid 2010 due to government energy policy.

9)       The SUV, boat, RV and snowmobile industries will be hard hit as people will find it hard to own a vehicle that has the horsepower to pull these, will find it too costly to fill them with gas and will find more and more public lands removed from use d/t environmental regulations.

10)   He will put legislation in place which will begin to drive coal fired power plants out of business. (related to # 7 above)

11)   He will attempt to nationalize the healthcare industry but may only be successful in providing public funding for the 47 (or whatever figure) million uninsured.

12)   He will institute a pre K national program and expand the role or teachers so the union can expand.

13)   He will institute national standards for private schools so they will either be driven out of business or have to hire certified teachers to teach.

14)   He will institute national standards for home schooling which will make more difficult for people to home school their children.

15)   He will institute a secondary education program which will allow people to go to college and get it covered

16)   He will try institute a national minimum wage law and tie it to inflation, the result of which will cause greater unemployment

17)   You will see unemployment by the middle of 2010 near the double digits

18)   Inflation will be at 8 to 10% but since this figure is a result of past economic activity it won’t be reported until close to the end of 2010.

19)   If he tries to prop up the home industry as Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer did, he will re-inflate the housing bubble.  If this happens it will burst sometime in late 2011.

20)   We will be attacked on this soil by terrorists for the first time since 9/11/2001. 

a.       He will not know how to respond to it, he will do what Clinton and all the other liberals do, blame it on republicans and try to prosecute it in the courts

b.       As Joe Biden said, his first reaction won’t appear to be the right one, he will likely look to try to fix blame on someone else or look to find someone to negotiate with.

21)   any problems with the economy and homeland he will blame on the previous administration for as long as he can.

22)   he will not do away with the Patriot Act, in fact when the democrats get in control they will likely enhance it and use it on those they deem their enemies.

23)   He will sign into law the fairness doctrine limiting free speech for talk radio and the internet, likely also satellite radio so they don’t miss any loopholes.

24)   He will do away with the defense of marriage act and encourage the courts to strike down state laws which support traditional marriage, if no other way he will have his attorney general file amicus briefs.

25)   He will sign into law standards which will make it difficult for churches and religions to “discriminate” against gays, they will no longer be able to preach certain bible passages which claim homosexuality is sinful

26)   He will sign into law an equality of pay act which will set national guidelines for employers to be required to pay men and women the same rates for similar jobs regardless of education or experience, this will result in massive layoffs. 

27)  Since democrats know very little about economics (unless he taps someone who does) the national economy will degrade, Dow Jones averages in the 7 to 8,000 point range.

28)  Illegal aliens and amnesty will be revisited again with amnesty being passed regardless of public opinion.

29)  Cap & Trade policies on carbon emissions will be instituted which will result in widespread energy shortages and higher prices for anything which uses energy, this may take gas prices above $10 a gallon (separate from but in conjunction to # 8 above).

30)  If they actually nationalize healthcare, there will be rationing as the system will be over loaded, they will get the idea that forcing drug companies to price drugs at Canadian prices will be a good idea.  This will result in fewer drug development and if prices drop in this country prices will go up in Canada.

31)  He will do more to limit CEO compensation which will result in companies finding other alternatives to stock options or aid in off shoring of more industry headquarters.

32)  He will agree to aid the automakers in having the tax payers take over the liability and fund the retirement plans for the autoworkers union as the rich benefits the companies agreed to is going to bankrupt the auto industry.

33)  He will agree to having government representatives on corporate boards of large companies and they will set standards of operation which will decrease productivity and inhibit innovation.

34)  He will appoint at least two supreme court justices, his litmus tests will be that they uphold the right of abortion, that they do not uphold the founding documents and constitution as anything other than interesting historical documents and that they have a strong empathy for the poor and minorities and view the law as a tool to use to correct past real or perceived injustices.  The media will not once question him about litmus tests as they have president Bush.

35)  Interest rates for home purchases will begin moving back up, by mid 2010 they will be around 8% apr or higher.

36)  Reparations for blacks will be revisited, if a bill is forwarded from congress, BO will sign it.  You will pay blacks who were never slaves, many of which their ancestors were never slaves and you, although never owning a slave nor any of your ancestors ever owned a slave will foot the bill for that.

37)  Race will continue to be an issue regardless of the fact that the nation has elevated a black to the highest office in the land (and I don’t mean that just because BO won that all racists have been miraculously converted but that black leaders will never drop the drum beat about institutionalized racism and they will continue to press for more affirmative action).

38)  An attempt will be made by congress, if passed BO will sign it to nationalize the oil companies.

39)  Federal taxes on gas will more than double, this is also apart from the increased costs d/t carbon and the increased costs of finding increasingly scarce sources within the areas the government will allow them to drill (see #s 29 above and 8 above).  BTW, there is no shortage of oil in this world, you need references let me know.