I have to admit right up front that I am not a supporter of President-elect Obama’s policies and ideology, so I don’t support his Presidency; in fact, this blog’s title alludes to the fact that I expect for things to get worse rather than better during his Presidency; high taxes, sky-rocketing welfare, wealth redistribution…a progressive and steady descent into Eurosocialism that will leave America fundamentally transformed in a negative way; not the America of The Founders.

Not even the America that existed on my arrival to these shores just a few months shy of forty-one years ago.

Boiling Frogs is my attempt at cataloging those changes, and making Joe Average Amphibian aware that the warming trend may become deadly if ignored.

Today however, in the very opening entry of my blog, I find myself in the odd position of actually praising President-elect Obama, and his ability to bring change to the nation. I know…I find myself conflicted here, but I would do a disservice to myself, and to anyone actually reading this, if I were less than honest on this, my blog’s inaugural post.

President-elect Obama, seventy-five days away from taking office, is delivering on his campaign’s primary theme of “Change”, just as he said that he would.

Here are some changes already achieved by the President-elect:

“America is racist”…that’s changed forever. America just elected what some claim to be the illegitimate son of a Kenyan polygamist out of a veritable battalion of white men (and two white women) to the Presidency, by a solid majority of the vote. Something that no President has done in twenty years…not even William Jefferson Clinton did that.

America is NOT racist, and Barack Obama is living proof that she’s not.

“Blacks do not have the same opportunities as whites in America”…that’s gone forever too. Abandoned by both his father and mother, raised by his grandparents, President-elect Obama managed nevertheless to not only attend Harvard Law, but became the first black President of the school’s respected Law Review, and in spite of his acknowledged drug abuse, in seventy-five days, he will be our President.

America is brimming with opportunities to people of all races, and all walks of life, and Barack Obama is living proof of it.

So, the first visible change brought about by the election of Barack Obama to the seat of power of the free world, comes to us in an unexpected form.

The cries of “racism” and “oppression” raised against America by her enemies, and even her own citizens, died with President-elect Obama’s victory speech at Hyde Park, and racism and oppression died as an excuse for failure borne of lack of ambition, with every word delivered by President-elect Obama under a Chicago sky.

The only question that remains to be answered now is how will Black Americans react to the race pimps, and problem profiteers of America in the face of the obvious?

America brought down the walls of racism and bigotry so long ago that a black man was able to navigate through her warm ocean of opportunity, all the way from parental neglect and abandonment, right through to the Office held by Washington, Jefferson, and Reagan.

Barack Obama’s election is proof positive of the greatness that is America, yet the man promises to fundamentally transform her…there is something wrong here my friends, something very wrong, and we need to keep a sharp eye on the water temperature in our communal hot tub, and look for every sign of warming.

Welcome to Boiling Frogs…grab a spot on the bench.

The water is warm.