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Last Wire Special Edition – Obama’s Math or How Six Plus Four Plus One Is Less than Five Plus One.

Amateur in the White House.

Eternal Sunshine of the Intolerant Mind.

T.E.A. and Solipsism with Lolita.

Maria, Maria.

Originally posted on The Last Wire:

(TIME) Good news for Marco Rubio fans! The junior Senator from Florida is ready to be President, according to, um, the junior Senator from Florida himself. Rubio may or may not be ready to hold the most powerful job in the world, but one thing is clear: He’s certainly prepared to run for it, at least in the modern Republican Party. If there was any doubt on that score, it was settled during an interview on ABC News on Sunday, when he checked one of the most important boxes on any GOP hopeful’s job application: declaring that he did not, could not, would not, believe that climate change is real.

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